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    We started color golf glove for Kumamoto project items
    as Kumamoto earthquake support.
    We sale out on 15th Dec, then we’ll support their
    one of sale amount to Kumamoto Prefecture.

    Right side photo, Painter “shige” designed,
    so please check our website OZC Facebook page.


    OZC golf glove appeared in the magazine
    “EVEN”vol.88 2016 February.
    12 colors plentiful dolor variation
    and “color glove” hand-made civilly.

    Golf flesh news information.
    “EVEN”vol.88 2016 Feb
    One books 740yen (Tax in)
    Please try to buy it.

  • Color Glove Christmas version

    We choiced christmas color golf glove
    as by 12 myriad color golf glove!

    Please pick up all leather color golf glove
    as pleasure for christmas presents♪

    In detair,please check the site


    We want to give golf gloves with functionality and fashionability.
    Maybe, you can find a color that fits to your personality.
    You can find a better color condination your wear on the day.
    You can get relieved at teeing ground if you can look at your favorite gloves.
    We made main golf gloves with ball, club, grip and people.

    Made by natural sheep skin "COLOR GLOVE”
    As they’re soft and very flexibility, they get to fit your hands well.
    Their special features are outperform for absorbency,
    desorption moisture and not so stuffy.

  • Let's start to go for journey.

    The strating of the journey will be start by image of the journey.
    The images… theme of one of the journey with the magazine collected from any countries… the place to be stage by the movie and the novel are be imaged to other places.
    I'm pleasure to love those time.

  • Banana Plant

    Please image your hearts to India our background in this time.
    We have the banana plant at our shop. You can have seen them any place at India, they have big flower of them you feel which is wild and the cultured by some people.

  • Mother Teresa

    Almost 80% of our stole are made in Kolkata (Calcutta), India.
    You'll be want to visit their place, let's arrive at Kolkata Airport.
    At this airport, we'll have seen the pictuer of Mother Teresa who is respected by the childrens moved to Kolkata.