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Enjoy Golf by KWC mini tournament 6 pairs 24 people smile Vol.2

We decided the mini tournament vol.2 at golf course
Mr.Numata’s home round.
In this time, we have playing Enjoy Golf starting same time
for Out and In of each 3 groups in total 6 groups.

Round Fee (Extra self play fee, and lunch fee)
Party, Entrance Fee

Please choice your like color to 6 color golf glove for entrance award.

The party have hold at the party place for Fuji OGM.
We want to plan the enjoy time as by some theme except the award.

We want some person can drive to Fuji OGM make ride together
after entrance people have full, please give your inform if you need pick up.

Have a enjoy at Tama-River!! Golf & BBQ Enjoy Golf by KWC

Short course golf & BBQ
We’ll have playing golf at Tama-River riverbed and have BBQ,
It’s enjoy last Saturday on August.
Mr.Kamiya professional of BodiTrack have join this event.
In this time, please try to have lesson of him.
And, Mr.Suzuki shop manager of POCHI who is one of sponsor of KWC
make arrange the foods and meal.

Entrance fee \10,800 (Tax in)
Over 2 rounds of short golf course at morning
BBQ equipment set
(Tent, Chair, Table…)
Meat, and Salad…
Mr.Suzuki have arrange their foods.
Beal, and Soft Drinks…
If you want, we’ll supply nonalcohol.

Please bring your idea one food 2~3 person can have eat by yourself.
For example, bucket, cheese, salted vegetables,
chocolate, nuts, fruits, and etc…
Don’t bring uncooked foods.
Don’t play firearms and fireworks.
If you want to drink a lot of alcohol, it haves under \1,000.

27th Aug (Sat)
7:30 Gathering
8:00 Start short course golf
Place: Tokyu Golf Park Tamagawa

Tokyu Denentoshi-Line Futakoshinchi-Station
Tokyu Touyoko-Line Shinmaruko-Station

JR Nambu-Line, Tokyu Denentoshi-Line Mizonokuchi-Station
Mizo 02 Routes Mizonokuchi-Station ~ Kosugiekimae via Takatsu
Mizo 03 Routes Mizonokuchi-Station ~ Kosugiekimae via Takatsu, Shinmaruko
Kawa 31 Routes Mizonokuchi-Station ~ Kawasaki-Station via Takatsu, Musashi-Kosugi
Mizo 05 Routes Mizonokuchi-Station ~ Kosugiekimae via Takatsu, Shinmaruko
Shimonoke Bus Station drop

Shimonoke-Chisaki Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 213-0006

BBQ Place
Neighbour of Tokyu Golf Course
Kawasaki-shi Tamagawa-Ryokuchi BBQ Place
Tokyu Denentoshi-Line, Oimachi-Line Futakoshinchi-Station walk by 5 minutes

It’s summer!! Golf Camp❣Light-Up Golf Ball and smile mini tournament by KWC

9th July (Sat) Start 15:00 – 17:00 program
The half night round with light-up golf ball
KP 2 hole

After finish, we’ll have announce the award at front master room.
And, we’ll prepare the drinks and snacks.

Then, we’ll have a dinner at the hotel.
If you drinks alcohol, please pay by yourself.

After dinner, we’ll have talking about golf
and announce the dividing groups for 10th round.
We’ll have divide the groups as the result for 9th round.

10th July (Sun) Start 8:00
1 round
New peria net + night round gross
Victory, Runner-up, 3rd place, booby
Drakon 1 hole
KP 1 hole

Stay at Tsurumai
9th Half night round
10th 1 round
Lodging-fee, 2 person 1 room
Dinner, Join-fee, 2 light-up golf ball

Only 9th July Night round
Night Half Round
2 light-up golf ball

Please choice to pay for 3 ways.
1: Cash on that day
2: Entry “Tsuku-Tsuku” and buy the ticket.
 And, pay by credit card.
3: Entry “Tsuku-Tsuku” and buy the ticket.
 And, pay direct into the bank account.

Traffic fee, please contact us if you can drive your car.
We’ll clear up the traffic fee with freeway fee
and gasoline fee as participant.

BodiTrack Lesson Vol.2. By KWC

We have decided measurement practice group
“BodiTrack” as the professional Mr.Kamiya.

Only 6 people
11th June (Sat)
AM 11:00~PM 15:00
BodiTrack Measurement
Lesson of the professional Mr.Kamiya
Seat Fee, Ball 10 Bucket
1 soft drinks

After lesson, we have little delay lunch
And talking about golf.
Then, we have finish this event.
Please have pay lunch money as yourself.

Toukyu-Toyoko Line: Hiyoshi Station
Bus: Ipponbashi Terminal

Kagurazaka and pleasure friends 6 pairs 24 people smile mini tournament by KWC

19th April (Tue)
In, Out each 3pairs plan
24 people limit

Both In and Out, it decided to start by 8 o’clock.

“Chinchin” have be softly noticed hidden place
at Kagurazaka, and Hachiouji Country Club near midtown,
please have enjoy golf with pleasure friends on spring 1 day.

Play fee \18,360
Entrance Fee \5,000 + Transportation Fee

After finish to play golf, we’ll move to Kagurazaka
and have a meal cooked by shopkeeper at “Chinchin”
Of course, please have a talk about golf with liquor bottomless.

Transportation Fee
After decide entrance people, we want somebody can have drive a car,
pick-up other people.
So, please pay the difference speedway fee, gasoline fee.
We’ll update actual expense of entrance fee & transportation fee.