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  • ITEM

    At our shop "OZC", we're having to make the clothes and other items with natural materials that our caring to the ingredient.

    Especially the cotton is the main materials at India, we're having the goods with the ancient fabrics as main materials.


    Chai, India democratic drinks.

    Black tea boil with little water in a pan or kettle, and add large milk and boil again, flavoring with alot of sugar and drinks.


    Shop Concept

    The encounter to the first time view at other countries…
    The laughing, and the contact to the related people…

    The discovery for original goods…
    The meal with new tasting…

    The journey will be starting from the your image time…
    The journey will be continued after the journey had be memories…


    The background of our manufacturing at our shop is Asia.
    As that, we go to overseas for the manufacturing discussion many times on the year.
    In here, we note the photo we had found one of view on that time.
    We'll note some photo of our touching view.

    This view is at the Jaipur, India our background as wood printing for our main technique.
    We're pleasure to ride on this car with the design by wood printing.


    We're presenting the fashion of each terms as the theme of the journey.
    At our shop, we're collection the fashion magazine and the books we bought at other countries at the bookshelf imaged the library.
    Please be free to take of books and image the other countries view anything.

    We're planing with the traditional technique thought we go to overseas at Asia that background of the manufacturing.